One Bad Piece of Data Can Put Your Business at Risk

Your regulatory landscape is broad, and just one supplier can expose you to a number of risks. If bad data leads to a non-compliant part entering your product lines, it can indefinitely cripple your brand and profits. With Assent, you will identify and resolve these high-risk suppliers before they hurt your sales or brand.

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Unlock your true potential with the Assent Compliance Platform. The only compliance management software that automates, validates, and provides you the data you need to be successful.

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One Technology Platform,
Cross-Topical Insights

Engaging thousands of suppliers for multiple risk areas is complex, and attempting to do so with siloed business units is expensive and inefficient. Assent will give users from across your organization access to the same dashboards and cross-topical insights, mitigating risk for your full enterprise and driving sustainable revenue growth.

Streamline Education
& Engagement

Missing and inaccurate data can be just as dangerous as a high-risk supplier. Assent’s supplier engagement, education, and support will remove the obstacles that hinder your suppliers from responding. This leads to lasting supplier relationships that yield high-quality data and truly mitigate risk.

Need some references?

"With Assent’s expertise and platform solution, we have been able to leverage technology to streamline the collection and management of our EU Medical Device Regulation data in a cost-effective way."

Will Janisch, Senior Manager,
Global Environmental Compliance, Baxter

"Plain and simple, it’s a no-brainer. It takes you from a high-touchpoint type program with mediocre results to a low-touchpoint program with very high results, and program growth year in and year out."

Ryan Zelhofer, Former Product Compliance Manager,

"With our manual approach, we would typically only be able to manage about 60 products at a time. With Assent, we can now easily handle more than 860 products and 28,000 parts."

Joseph Auer, Product Material Compliance,
Project Manager, Woodward

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The Assent Compliance Platform

With Assent, you will easily collect and validate your supply chain data, so you can share accurate supplier data insights across your entire enterprise. What are you waiting for?

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