Manage More
Supply Chain Data
in Less Time

The Assent Compliance Platform helps you manage large volumes of any data type you need to collect from your supply chain, for a best-in-class program that meets your unique business needs.

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Leverage Data
Across Teams

The Assent Compliance Platform provides centralized access to supply chain data for use by teams across your company. Ensure all stakeholders have the insights they need to better identify and mitigate risk, and make informed decisions.

Effectively Manage
Large Data Sets

Large companies have substantial data requirements, and teams that do not have the appropriate resources to manage them can quickly be overwhelmed. The Assent Compliance Platform automates data collection and validation, and provides configurable reporting so you can stay ahead of your data requirements.

Mitigate Business Risks
With Regulatory Expertise

With the support of Assent’s team of regulatory subject matter experts, the Assent Compliance Platform helps companies manage all stages of regulatory compliance, from data acquisition to report declaration. Assent’s experts ensure your company has up-to-date knowledge of regulations so you are prepared to respond when your requirements change.

Every Compliance Solution
You Need in One Place

Modern companies need to mitigate the full spectrum of supply chain risk and prepare for future requirements. Assent will fully support you in every aspect of your compliance program and provide a cost-effective solution that allows you to grow sales on the global marketplace for years to come.

  Assent Compliance Point Solutions Regulatory Consulting Media Monitoring Spreadsheets
Compliance Solution          
Product Compliance check check check   check
Reputational Risk Protection check     check  
Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Program Support check     check check
Vendor Management & Global Trade Support check check     check
Centralized Platform Technology & Holistic Risk Scoring check        
Subject Matter Expertise check   check    
Program Management check   check    
Supplier Support & Education check        
Learning Management System Access check        

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Assent Has Helped
Hundreds of Companies

"With Assent’s expertise and platform solution, we have been able to leverage technology to streamline the collection and management of our EU Medical Device Regulation data in a cost-effective way."

Will Janisch, Senior Manager,
Global Environmental Compliance, Baxter

"Plain and simple, it’s a no-brainer. It takes you from a high-touchpoint type program with mediocre results to a low-touchpoint program with very high results, and program growth year in and year out."

Ryan Zelhofer, Former Product Compliance Manager,

"With our manual approach, we would typically only be able to manage about 60 products at a time. With Assent, we can now easily handle more than 860 products and 28,000 parts."

Joseph Auer, Product Material Compliance,
Project Manager, Woodward

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Assent Compliance Platform Suites


  • EU RoHS
  • Proposition 65
  • And More!

Corporate Social

  • Responsible Mineral Sourcing
  • Human Rights
  • Anti-Bribery, Anti-Corruption
  • And More!


  • Trade Classification & Origin
  • Country of Origin
  • Vendor Risk
  • And More!

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