• Proposition 65 Compliance Module

    Identify & Mitigate Product Substance Risks

Build an Effective
Proposition 65 Program

Under the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (commonly known as Proposition 65), manufacturers and distributors doing business in the state of California must provide warnings on products that contain listed substances above safe harbor levels. Assent’s Proposition 65 compliance solution supports companies as they gather and analyze product data to provide clear and reasonable warnings for products that contain listed substances, helping them meet their obligations under this law.

Proposition 65 Solution

Assent’s Proposition 65 offering supports companies with their evolving obligations under the act as they acquire and manage supply chain data. Assent automates the supplier engagement process, leveraging leading-edge software and technology to acquire and centralize supply chain data. Substance concentrations above acceptable levels are flagged for review, allowing companies to quickly identify which products require warnings. Full material disclosure (FMD) integration gives companies greater insight into the composition of their products, allowing them to mitigate the risk of civil lawsuits.

Are Your Products in
Scope of Proposition 65?

Identify which of your products require warnings by scoping them for listed substances.


Proposition 65 Solution Highlights:

Submissions checkpoint functionality automates the validation process, reducing time and costs.

Support for the IPC-1752A data exchange standard and other industry-accepted declaration schemas.

Risk-based dashboards for streamlined data analysis and reporting.

Detailed tracking of supplier responses and compliance statuses.

Regulatory and product training for internal employees and suppliers.

Substance data can be cross-referenced against additional requirements.

Learn how Assent can help your company meet its Proposition 65 requirements.
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