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The REACH Module

The REACH Module helps companies meet their REACH Regulation requirements by solving their most challenging data-related concerns and helping them to identify and mitigate supply chain risks. The module automatically gathers, validates and stores data from your supply chain pertaining to substances of very high concern (SVHCs), authorization requirements and substance restrictions. This data can be easily accessed and leveraged through a range of standard features to meet the most robust reporting and auditing needs.

Through the integrated Supplier Portal, suppliers are able to submit substance declarations and supporting documentation with confidence, ensuring accessible and accurate data is collected. Supply chain communications are streamlined with the Campaign Manager, promoting fast and efficient supplier engagement, while tracking the success of outreach campaigns. The REACH Module also offers convenient integration with valuable products like the Assent University Classroom to help suppliers work proactively to identify risk and remain educated about their REACH requirements. This module covers various aspects of the REACH Regulation:


The REACH Module helps companies automate their REACH SVHC data requirements, ensuring efficient collection, validation and management of data despite changing SVHCs and new substances added to the Candidate List for consideration. Intelligent features built into the software send automatic notifications through the dashboard, thus ensuring companies are aware of their evolving requirements. Streamlined supply chain outreach allows for complete visibility into the composition of products throughout the supply chain as well as tracking of SVHCs.

REACH Authorisations

Assent’s REACH Module automates the collection, validation and centralization of compliance data within an interactive dashboard — while supporting rapid supplier engagement and streamlined data submissions using the secure Supplier Portal interface. Companies have easy access to authorization numbers provided by suppliers, and can leverage detailed reporting for proactive planning of future restricted substance activities.

REACH Restrictions

The REACH Module ensures companies remain up-to-date with changes to the REACH Restrictions (Annex XVII) list, with timely restricted substance alerts and automated data collection and validation. Companies are able to assess and address supply chain-related risk and gaps to proactively maintain compliance with the REACH Regulation.

REACH Module Highlights:

Automated REACH SVHC tracking

Efficient data collection, validation and storage

Supplier surveying with standard data sets, such as IPC-1752A and IPC-1754

Automatic notifications of new SVHCs and restricted substance alerts

Detailed reporting capabilities

Reliable supply chain communications through the integrated Campaign Manager

Declarations uploaded directly through the Supplier Portal

Convenient integrations to engage and educate internal employees and suppliers

The REACH Module ensures compliance and data requirements are met
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