• Supply Chain Data Procurement Portal

    Exponentially Increase the Speed of Data Gathering

Supply Chain Data Procurement Portal

Supply Chain Data Procurement

Assent Compliance has developed a platform for Supply Chain Data Procurement that includes the ability for clients to procure data from their supply chain through a secure (3-Click to compliance) supplier data exchange portal. This portal allows suppliers to transmit compliance data simply and easily at a part, component or product level. The Assent supplier data exchange portal was built for ease of use, user experience and simplicity at scale.

How Assent’s Supply Chain Data Procurement Platform Works

Clients configure their supplier portal that reflects their regulatory guidelines and regulations that they wish to gather compliance data for.

Clients upload a bill of material or parts list of which they would like to gather compliance data.

Suppliers are linked to parts through Assent’s Compliance Contact Database and through client supplier list.

The Assent Compliance Manager sends portal link to all suppliers through a unique campaign.

Open Rate, Bounced Emails and All Other Associated Metrics are tracked.

Suppliers Click Link > Check Compliance Status > Upload Supporting Documents and the process is complete.

Responses are received and progress measured through rich reporting and analytics features.

CRM features allow compliance managers to track the entire process and individual follow ups and interactions with suppliers.

Why Choose Assent’s Supply Chain Data Procurement Portal?

Assent’s supply chain data procurement portal provides on-demand support for your compliance program and your internal compliance staff. Additionally, we can offer rich reporting and analytics features. Your company can save costs on internal hires, training and overhead, while also increasing the speed of data gathering exponentially.

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