• Vendor Risk Module

    Security in the Global Marketplace Through Vendor Transparency

Why Use the Vendor Risk Module?

The Assent Compliance Vendor Risk Module, part of the Vendor Management Suite, helps companies to protect their business in a competitive global marketplace. The module aids in satisfying internal policy requirements and external regulatory obligations by collecting vendor information, identifying risks in the supply chain and preparing data for auditing and reporting purposes. The Vendor Risk Module enables businesses to collect and manage data that ensures they are protected from risks including IT security, code of conduct adherence and poor data quality.

Overview: Vendor Risk Module
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Meet Requirements & Facilitate Due Diligence

The Vendor Risk Module can be used to meet requirements of information security standards such as NST 800-53, NST 800-171 and ISO 27001. The module can be leveraged to meet country of origin requirements and ensure suppliers are adhering to the organization’s code of conduct, and empowers companies to exceed all due diligence requirements associated with supply chain education, communication and management.

Vendor Risk Module Highlights:

Extensive audit trail featuring all supplier interactions and associated data

Real-time reporting

Sub-campaigns aligned with supplier on-boarding

Response alerts that allow the surveying of many and filtering down to small risk subset

Reduced compliance costs over internal processes

Full transparency and traceability in supply chains

Validate evolving vendor requirements

Assess risks of non-compliance with internal vendor policies

Meet evolving security, data collection and compliance requirements with the Vendor Management Suite
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