• Trade Classification & Origin Module

    The Free Trade & Country of Origin Data Management Solution

Trade Classification & Origin Module

Why Choose a Trade
Classification & Origin Solution?

A trade classification and origin solution can enable companies to automate the gathering, storage and assessment of vendor data to navigate free trade agreements and claim tariff deductions. A supply chain data management service provider can help you track country of origin information to help mitigate the risk of unexpected financial damage when importing or exporting goods, ensuring the profitability and ongoing viability of products.

Assent’s Trade
Classification & Origin Module

The Assent Compliance Trade Classification and Origin Module, part of the Assent Vendor Management Suite, automates communication with vendors, enabling companies to collect, store and validate country of origin data. Data collection is performed through Assent’s powerful campaign manager, displayed and reportable through an intuitive dashboard.

Understand Trade
Classification & Origin

Learn more about trade classification and origin, and how Assent can help you manage your trade compliance data.

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Trade Classification & Origin Module Highlights:

Collect part-level Harmonized System (HS), Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), country of origin and tariff extension codes.

Declarations and documentation accessible through API integrations.

Supplier response and compliance status tracking.

Product data roll-ups.

Data analysis and reporting.

Easy-to-use Supplier Portal for data collection.

Learn how the Vendor Management Suite can help you manage supplier logistics.
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