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Why Choose a Trade
Classification & Origin Solution?

With growing tensions among world economic powers, companies that move materials, parts and products over borders must maintain profitability despite new and shifting tariffs and free trade agreements coming into effect. In response, some companies are attempting to proactively meet optional government standards to gain advantages on trade and secure long-term viability.

To keep up with changes and growing demands for transparency at international borders, companies must collect, store and assess supply chain data to calculate tariffs or assess their eligibility for exemptions, free trade agreements and government programs. Leveraging a secure, automated system provides companies with the tools they need to proactively mitigate disruption or financial damage when importing or exporting goods and positions them for long-term profitability.

Assent’s Trade
Classification & Origin Module

The Assent Compliance Trade Classification and Origin Module, part of the Assent Vendor Management Suite, helps companies efficiently collect and validate trade compliance data, including customs codes, country of origin and eligibility for trade agreements. Companies can also leverage Assent’s solution to enable informed decisions about their supply chains.

Understand Trade
Classification & Origin

Learn more about trade classification and origin, and how Assent can help you manage your trade compliance data.

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Trade Classification & Origin Module Highlights:

Standardize collection and validation of Harmonized System (HS) codes, Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) codes and country of origin.

Dynamically request trade agreement eligibility and documentation against declared origins.

View data at either the part or product level depending on the details needed to make informed decisions.

Business intelligence dashboards allow you to drill down into part- and product-level data.

Track supplier responses and status using rule-based workflows and streamlined submission approval processes.

Learn how the Vendor Management Suite can help you manage supplier logistics.
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